About the Team

The MPDS meets twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays in Jimenez 1124, always at 7 PM. At meetings we discuss case ideas, compete against each other in practice rounds, and sign up for upcoming tournaments. Attendance at every meeting isn't mandatory, but is highly recommended to practice and prepare for competitions. Members are expected to attend at least half the meetings in a semester.


As an SGA-recognized student group, the Maryland Parliamentary Debate Society has a constitution laying out its official rules and procedures. Click here to read it.

Team Leadership

Below are the officers elected for the current calendar year (Spring and Fall 2017 semesters), along with a brief decription of their responsibilities. To contact the entire executive board, email marylanddebate@gmail.com.

Nathan Holliman
Team Captain, Liason to the SGA and to APDA
VP Finance
Shubhankar Sachdev
Financial Record-Keeping and Fundraising
VP Operations
Daniel Ovetsky
General Logistics, Reservations & Registrations
VP Campus Affairs
Jela Shiver
New Member Recruitment, Community Outreach
Tournament Director
Joseph Deng
Organizing tournament(s) hosted by MPDS